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We believe that God’s Word clearly sets forth how He is to be worshipped. The reading and exposition of the Word of God are the central focus of our worship. Our musical praise employs God’s Word only, thus making use of the divinely inspired Book of Psalms of the Bible. In keeping with the New Testament Church’s directive for heart worship, we sing without the aid of musical instruments.

What to Expect

Our dress code runs the range from suit and tie to t-shirt and blue jeans. Other than encouraging modesty in dress, we hope you wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Our children remain with us during worship and the preaching of the Word. We believe that God has included our children as members of the new covenant community of Christ and they should be included in our worship service. The position of both Christ and the Psalmist was that children were capable of praising God. (Matt 21:16 and Psalm 8:2). We want our children to learn from an early age what it means to worship God corporately and what better way for them to learn than to be a part of the service.


1:00pmFirst Worship
2:30pmSabbath School for all ages
3:30pmSecond Worship Service*

* On the last Lord’s day of the month we replace our Second Worship Service with a Fellowship Meal.
Additionally, on the fifth Lord’s Day of the month, we have communion during the First Worship Service. Only those who are communicant members in good standing in an evangelical Church of Jesus Christ may commune. Unknown visitors must first sustain an interview with the elders. Please arrive early, if you are a casual visitor, so that you can get to be known by our elders.